In trying to understand that which is seemingly not understandable about the events this past week in Boston is an issue that has plagued mankind for centuries. Especially, when, that which [we] do not understand, are perpetrated and promulgated by mankind itself.

My simple question: “What are the great issues of our time and why are [we] not addressing them? Is hatred and mankind’s inhumanity to man not one of those great issues? And if not, why not?”

Sure, like everyone else I became angry after overcoming my grief and sadness about the marathon bombings but then I thought about my children, and my children’s children, when they are old enough to have them, and all of my family members and friends that I love and respect so dearly and deeply. What about them? Where do they fit in the broad scheme of things and life itself? That question troubles and bewilders me to no end.

Whatever became of “The natural order of things?” And, “Can’t we all just get along?”

What is the worth of life? Why have some of us completely given up on it? These are but a few issues of our time that I believe to be relevant and important to understand if humankind is to even endure. And at what quality level? If life could be compared to something cooking in a frying pan I guess my question would be this, “Why are [we] more interested in the sizzle and not the substance of what we are cooking?”

The surreal events of this past week in Boston are more than a game changer and/or a wake up call for all of us. We can come up with all the fancy and trite definitions from socio-psychiatric lexicographers, but, for us common folks, common thinkers, those types of definitions are nothing more than broad abstractions that mean nothing to us and miss hitting us where we really live.

Humankind has reached a paradox. Do we even understand what it means to be human any longer?

Great issues of our time. Going unanswered. And unchallenged.

About ron517

Veteran network TV cameraman with NBC-TV & ABC-TV in New York.

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